Sunday, January 20, 2013

Question A Day Sunday

This was our first Christmas here in Boston - away from my family & friends. My parents decided to go on a little road trip to visit some of their friends as a little anniversary trip to themselves. We went to PA and half celebrated Christmas with them two weeks before Christmas... half celebrated being exchanging gifts.

Then my younger brothers came up to Boston for Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas - a short visit but it was nice to have them here for Christmas.

Note to self: Invest in a good camera. It's on my list for the year. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I told Fab the other day that it needs to happen before our next vaca so we can have quality pictures.

Skyping with our parents during gift opening. That's Mike, the youngest of the bunch, over there.
We Skyped with my parents for gift opening and then had a Google Hang Out with our older brother and his fam (wife + 3 little ladies) when they opened our gifts to them. Technology is a wonderful thing.
Google Hang Out with the oldest of the bunch & his fam. Thanks for this gorgeous pic, Colton.
So the whole point of this post... one of my gifts and the beginning of Question-A-Day Sunday!

A post a week to give you a little more about me over the year.

On my wish list was a 5-Year Journal, Q&A a Day, 365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers. And Colton fulfilled some of my wish list very well. He got me this book + Cooks Illustrated 2012 Annual Cookbook. Yes. One of my teensy weensy goals for the the year is to actually fill out the answers each day. So far, so good.

This weeks questions.

Monday. Are you a leader or a follower?
Typically, I prefer to lead simply because I like to know what's going on and know that everything is under control. BUT, I am find with following if I trust the person leading. I can do either.

Tuesday. On a scale of one to ten, how was your lunch today?
8. It wasn't all that special... cold rotisserie chicken on toasted bread w/ sliced tomatoes, provolone & rosemary-garlic mayo. That rosemary garlic mayo gave it the 8. So good.

Wednesday. Do you owe someone money? Does someone owe you?
My mama. She loaned us money for my contact appointment when we were there and I lost my contact in the grass. Whoops. Thanks, ma. & no one owes me.

Thursday. What's the oldest thing you're wearing today?
A loose burnout tee that I got from Target maybe 2 years ago... it's so comfy, my go to lounge around, sleep in shirt.

Friday. What was peaceful about today?
My own girls night, me time. Making delicious treats and relaxing.

What was your favorite lunch this week? What made your week peaceful? What's your favorite "oldest thing" to wear?

xo - Kem


  1. Hmmm. No good lunches this week :/ favorite day of the week is Sunday because it is the ONLY day that I feel peaceful - the whole family is home and there's no expectations that I place on myself for that day and Church just starts the day out perfectly. I love my hot topic flats from 6 years ago...they are getting so worn out but I love them!! Will be sad when I finally have to throw them away.

  2. I responded to this via email... hmm... apparently not correctly. Have to figure that out.

    If we didn't have stuff to do on Sunday's then it would probably be my favorite and most peaceful day of the week. Hate when I have a pair of shoes that I love and then they bite the dust... clothes you can stretch out a lot longer! :)