Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Moment of Genius

Hi all. Yeah, it's been a while. Again. Let's not even pretend that I'm any good at this consistency thing.

But here I am for a post in the blue. And this one is good, folks. I'm pretty excited about my genius here and just had to share.

A few weeks ago I was putting away the clothes that Oliver no longer fits into and thinking how there was just no good way to keep them organized in their bins. More than one size fits in a bin and they were going to fall over each other and get all mixed up and I'd just have to go through them yet again when it came time to unpack them. UH. What. A. Pain.


I could tie them together in their stacks and label each stack with painters tape.

It's a thing of beauty I tell ya.

Do you sense my unusual, weirdo-Kem, excitement? It's all ovah the place.

I label my bins with painters tape, too. It's easy to remove and update, if needed, or just to move when I inevitably stick that label on crooked to begin with. I also started labeling the bins on two sides so that if (when!) they get moved or turned I'll still know what's happening in there.

I've already had to update that maternity/newborn clothes bin label once when I moved some stuff out and added the swaddles in there. Easy peasy.

Best idea ever. I slept like a baby that night in my organized bliss.

If you already thought of this, shhhh, just nod along with me and tell me how genius I am, friends.

Do you have any tips for storing away your little ones outgrown clothing? I'd love to hear them!