Monday, January 28, 2013

crepes. nyc. fondue. that sounds like a fancy week.

A little recap of the last week with some pictures.

Crepes for dessert on Monday... or Tuesday... someday earlier in the week. With Nutella & Strawberries & Bananas. Delicious.
NYC with some of my favorites for the day on Thursday. It was cold. And a long day. But it was great - good to see my friends. 4:45am-1:00am. AH. I was pooped.
Trying to sleep on the bus is impossible.
One lives in Oregon and made the trip to NYC with a friend to help her move and the others are from back home in PA. We went to Caffe Bene for coffee & snacks, stopped by FAO Schwarz and took pictures with baby dolls (ha) and played the big piano, browsed the M&M Store, shopped at Zara & had dinner at Dallas BBQ. Pulled pork sandwich & Pina Colada's were both SO good.

Oh. And we froze out bums off. Such a cold and windy day. I almost took a guy on the crosswalk because my hair whipped across my face and blinded me for a second. I turned our and said in his general direction, "Sorry. Wind. Hair." haha
How sweet are these lights at Caffe Bene!? Love.
Cafde Bene. If we have our own coffee shop one day, I hope it's very similar to this. Sweet.
Two of my beautiful friends posing with some baby dolls. haha
And Saturday we had a party with some friends in our Missional Community aka life group aka small group (for church). Fondue. And coconut cream pie. YUM.
Rice Crispies are the best in chocolate fondue! Strawberries. Apples. Bread. Steamed veggies.

And for date night, we tried out a local place, Floramo's - ribs & steak tips. Oh-Em-Gee. It was delicious.

It was a good week. & to top it all off, well, actually, to start the new week, Fab preached at church this morning. And he did GREAT. I love him.

Any fun or interesting tid bits in your week? Do tell.

xo - Kem

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  1. those crepes look SO yummy! Glad you had fun in NYC. I enjoy the little updates about your life :)