Saturday, January 12, 2013

a jazzy date night

One of the things that I look forward to every week is Friday night date night. That's Fab & I's set night for doing something a little different together that's focused on one another and no one else. Sure, it sometimes gets moved around a little but we rarely go with out our one-on-one date time each week. I love it.

Last night we went to a jazz bar & kitchen in the South End - Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen. They served up live jazz, great service, and delicious southern comfort food. Growing up in the South for the first half of my life, the Southern goodness made me a happy camper.

It was certainly very LOUD and we had to do a lot of yelling and stretching across the table to hear one another when the live music was playing but that's ok once in a while. The music was great. The place was fun. The manager greeted us several times, let us know how much longer we'd be waiting for our table, checked in with us during and after our meal & danced with the two birthday ladies celebrating that night.

It was small and we definitely waited a good 30-45 minutes but I think that is to be expected anywhere with live music on a Friday night and when you're listening to music and you can grab a drink at the bar, if desired, it's ok. (There's a $3 cover charge per person that's added to your final bill when there's live music, too.)

We were boring this time and both ordered the chicken & waffles after reading some good reviews about it on Yelp... Yelp is our guide to everything. Neither of us had ever had it before though so now was the time! I rarely fry food at home... so messy. 

It was DELICIOUS. Crispy and juicy chicken. Fluffy buttermilk waffle. Butter. Maple syrup. YUM. 

Look at that big hunka chicken. Never understood the chicken & waffles thing but always wanted to try it and see what all the fuss was about. Fuss understood.

And Red Velvet cake for dessert... with sweet, homemade whip cream. And layers of rich & thick cream cheese frosting & chocolate ganache between the cake layers. YUM. It wasn't my favorite red velvet ever... I prefer the fluffy to just on the verge of dense cake but it was very tasty.

Family Fun Fact: "Tasty" means bad in my family. Or at least that's the joke. Mom happened to make something that was just NOT good once, it's an extreme rarity for this to happen, and dad called it "tasty," jokingly... so now, anything that's not the greatest is deemed "tasty." Although, in this case... it was ACTUALLY tasty, the good way, not the bad.

Despite the rain outside and walking home from the blue line, in that lovely rain, instead of waiting 25 mins for the next bus, it was a fun and filling evening with my favorite man.

Do you have a date night scheduled in? How do you mix it up without spending a lot? (We don't always go to pricey restaurants on our date nights!)


  1. date night once a week is so good! We haven't done this lately since we just moved and we need to find a good babysitter, but it is our goal. look forward to hearing about more of your fun date nights.

    1. definitely a hard part about moving - finding a baby sitter! Glad we have a built in one here - Fab's mom! haha Not that we need one yet but in the future. :)

  2. Aaaah! Enjoy those date nights. I am so thankful for our first 5 yrs just me and Paul. I think it formed a strong foundation and friendship that is important to have in placed before the hustle and bustle of family life takes over. And though I wouldn't trade my girls for the world, date nights are just not often possible. Someday when the girls are older.