Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coming Soon: Baby Registry

I'm working on a few lists for you mama's to be. Right now I am compiling a baby registry list.
After posting the labor & delivery hospital packing list a few weeks ago I decided to make a bit of a series out of it. Check that list out HERE if you haven't seen it yet!

Back to the registry list - It's not that easy. Every parent and every baby is so very different.

My list isn't minimalist but it's definitely shorter than a few others and there are a few reasons for that:

1) SPACE While our apartment is a great size, there's no "open concept" happening over here so I don't have space for a huge baby swing or exersaucer. Plus, I just can't do stuff everywhere cluttering up my house. I can barely handle when the blankets and pillows on my couch are dishelved.

2) MONEY We wanted to save it. We are primarily a one income family so we had to be mindful of what we spent. Yes, we got most of what we needed as gifts, but whether I am paying for it or someone else is, many things are still wasted money, in my opinion. That's just how I was raised. My list will definitely include some things you can personally cross off and even things you could do without - I'm not super strict on this but we were mindful of it.

3) AVOID AIDS We wanted to avoid a few things anyway - like using the swing as a sleep or soothing aid and using an exersaucer for extended periods. We figured we could always purchase a used swing later if Oliver ended up being colicky or something - but we didn't need it.

Still, babies need a lot of stuff and it's still a good size list. Before I sign off for tonight I did want to give one note on the registry. It's an important one that I don't want lost among the full registry post.

THE STROLLER! If you're planning more kids, go for a stroller that can convert to a double! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THIS!? (I'm shaking my fist at you, other mama friends!) We have a Graco Click Connect right now and it's pretty great but, man, we're just going to have to replace this thing in like a year! Boooo. Just go big to begin. I think we'll upgrade to a used City Select - it converts between single and double and you can add a glider board when baby 3 comes along... or, if baby 3 comes along. Obviously, it is dependent on your family planning and probably your transportation, too, but it is something to consider. (We live in the city so the stroller gets a good amount of use even with having a car.)

Anywho, check back this week for that registry list along with some of my recommendations!

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