Friday, February 12, 2016

Baby Registry: Bedding

Hi all!

It's FRIDAY! This seemed like a very long and a very short week. Yesterday, after being sick and stuck inside most of the week, I had grand plans to spend my morning with Oliver at a local shopping area... get some Starbucks followed by some browsing, let Oliver run around in the park area and give our bellies some pizza before coming home for nap time. It was going to be so good to get out. 

Alas, sometimes plans fail and you're reminded that your in-law's are coming over that night for dinner to celebrate your FIL's birthday. So instead you have to grocery shop and bake a cake which isn't really that bad (because you/I love to bake!) but then when you get to the grocery store (your 3rd stop), you realize you've lost your grocery list and you have to remember what's left. HA!

You leave thinking, "I did good." Ah, but then you are pulling out and remember - BUTTERMILK! I need buttermilk for the cake. That can't wait until after nap. So back into the grocery store you go. And your child is having a meltdown because he's exhausted.

Finally, you're home, and it's nap time (hallelujah!). But then your child decides that today is the day to take a THIRTY MINUTE nap. 

Oy. It was rough. 

Curious George to the rescue. Sometimes, mama, it's ok to let your kid watch too much TV. They will be O. K.  And sometimes, mama, you could skip making dinner and order in and that is O. K., too! I just happen to find comfort in cooking & baking so it helped me on this day.

Man, it was a day. It was ok by the end. I managed to flip the switch and enjoy myself in my kitchen happy place. Oliver got a little whiney towards the end. I tried to explain to him that if he'd take another short nap then he would be happier but he wasn't buying it. 

Love this little stinker. 

So let's get to it - Bedding. A semi-boring but also semi-fun portion of the list. Here's where some decorating can come into play... but still, it's bedding. If I was making a Top 5 Favorite Baby Registry items list, I'd pick two things from this category. So it's gotta be a fun list, right?


1) CHANGING PAD COVERS: I say two. Three if you really want to be safe but 2 has almost always been enough for us. Whatever brand you get, make sure it fits your changing pad. I think they're made basically the same size but just double check. Also, you can use a receiving blanket or something similar under your baby when you're changing your little one if you're worried about messing up the cover and your other cover is already dirty.

2) FITTED SHEETS: For the crib and the bassinet. I don't recommend registering for a full crib set. The AAP recommends not having pillows, blankets or a bumper in the crib in order to reduce the risk of SIDS. SIDS freaks me out so I follow their guidelines on this.

Anywho - get two fitted sheets for each (crib & bassinet).

3) WATERPROOF MATTRESS PADS: Ok, honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put this on. I decided to because it's not that costly and it's going to protect the mattress from any pee/poo-splosions. Plus, I think it makes the mattress a little warmer to lay on than just the thin fitted sheet. We opted to get the non-fitted mattress pads. It's a little annoying to put on but really not that hard and it was a bit cheaper  so I went with it since I was on the fence anyway.

4) SWADDLE BLANKETS: LOVE THESE! Oliver loved to be swaddled. It calmed him down immediately. There is no guarantee that your babe will like it. I have friends who's babies didn't care for it at all. But they are good to have either way - you can use them as a light blanket in the car seat and stroller, as a nursing cover or to lay on on the floor. We registered for the Classic Aden & Anais swaddles originally. But THEN we were gifted the Bamboo Aden & Anais swaddles instead. WOO HOO! (It looks like they are now called "Silky Soft.") Oh my goodness, they are SO SOFT. Absolutely love these things.

5) SLEEP SACKS: Since it's recommended that you don't use blankets on your little one, unless you are watching them, you should grab some of these. Sleep sacks are wearable blankets. We had the regular ones but they also have ones that swaddle around the arms (like below). I've never used the latter so I can't speak to how well they work but they do allow baby's hips & legs to move. My mama recently sent me an article about infant & baby hip dysplasia that suggests not keeping baby's legs straight but allowing them to move.

6) FLANNEL RECEIVING BLANKETS: Given how much Ollie spit up, these go in my Top 5 list, too. We got all ours from Target. They have 4 packs for $10 and they're good quality and cute. I think in the end we had around 15-20 receiving blankets since we used them as burp clothes. Actual burp clothes or the ones DIY'd from prefold diapers are too small. I don't recommend them at all. The receiving blankets are absorbent and they're big so you can fold them to use a new, clean area. I also used them when I took Oliver to the park for lunch; I would dampen it, put it in a ziploc and take it along for easy clean-up.

7) PACK N PLAY SHEETS: Honestly, we barely used ours. Hopefully that's not too gross. We only used our pack n play as a travel crib and as a crib for when I was baby-sitting so it didn't get a ton of use. I know some people keep them set-up at their house for a crib in other rooms - if that will be your situation then you may want to get two or three sheets. Otherwise, one may be enough. Oliver did have one instance where he peed through his diaper while we were on vacation so we didn't have a back up but whatever.

OPTIONAL: You may also consider a mattress pad if you'll be using yours often and want to make things extra cushy for your little one. The pad on the pack n play is not anywhere near plush.

8) CRIB SKIRT: I considered calling this an optional item because, technically, it is. But it also makes the nursery look much nicer and hides the dust that's going to accumulate under the crib... well, at least if you have hardwood floors and live at my house where the dust never ceases no matter what I do.

OPTIONAL (or really, possibly later, in this case):

  • Crib blankets: People will most likely buy you blankets. You can register for these or not. We didn't and Oliver has 4 or 5. 
  • Full Bedding Set for Crib
  • Breathable Crib Bumper
  • Miracle Blanket: I wouldn't normally add random things like this to a "pointless" category but I was convinced on buying it and then barely used it - basically only if our swaddles were all dirty. It's a little TOO confining for my taste. The swaddles will be enough regardless. 
I think that rounds it up for today. Any additions you would make, current mamas? 

If you haven't checked them out yet, take a look at the NURSERY and TRANSPORTATION editions of my baby registry series! 

See y'all Sunday for the next portion of the registry list! Have a great Saturday!

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