Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby Registry: Clothing

We are some of the lucky Bostonians to get not one, but TWO, busted pipes after those sub-zero temps over the weekend. One on Monday and a new one was discovered today.  Hubs said the plumbing section at Home Depot was packed when they went on Monday and a lot of stuff was sold out.

Anywho - that's part of why I'm a bit late here. Let's chat about clothing. The quantity of clothing you need depends a lot on two things - (1) how much your baby spits up and (2) how often you'll do laundry. We have a washer & dryer in our apartment- if that wasn't the case, I would've done laundry MUCH less and therefore, gotten more clothing. I do laundry at least twice a week so I didn't need a lot. You do what works for you.

I kept this list fairly short since I don't think much is actually needed when they are newborn. Oliver lived in onesies & sleepers. Plus, you'll get clothes that you don't even register for. We also found that a few clothing items we registered for were no longer available in store when it came time for people to buy them.

1) COMING HOME OUTFIT: Is it necessary this is a separate item from the others? No. Is it necessary to have a cute outfit to come home in? No. But it sure is nice and fun. :) I brought along a newborn size and a 0-3 month size outfit. Oliver wore a onesie from Target that said "New In Town" with socks and a blanket tucked around him.
Oliver's 1st day @ home with his Papi
2) ALL THE ONESIES: In the (hot) summer, they can live in these alone. In the winter, you'll use them to layer up. Either way, you'll need 'em. Get the Carter's brand, not Gerber. Gerber shrinks up a bunch.

We registered for just a 5 pack of 0-3 month short sleeved onesies to start. We received a ton as part of outfits we got and I think we supplemented with one more 5 pack after Oliver was born. Did I mention he spit up all the time? 

3) SLEEPERS / SLEEP N PLAYS / FOOTED PAJAMAS: Whatever you call them - they are perfect. Oliver basically lived in these. Easy to get on and off, easy for diaper changes and no pressure on the umbilical cord.
Our favorite little monster sleeper. :)

You may also consider getting some sleeping gowns. We had 3 or 4 of these and liked them. They are like sleepers but without legs - just a "dress." 

4) SOCKS: Preferably socks that actually stay on! These can be hard to find. Our preferences have been Osh Kosh, Carter's, Nike and some brand we found at Marshall's that I can't recall the name of. Oliver has wide little Brazilian feet so the brand that works for him could be different for you if your baby has skinny feet. I've heard Gap can be good but I hate the 2 pairs we have from there. They slip off in two seconds. 

5) SUN OR WINTER HAT: Gotta admit, we never ended up getting a sun hat for Oliver. We were extra careful in the sun though and kept him covered up. If you'll be going to the beach or be outdoors a lot (without a stroller for coverage) then you should definitely get a hat to protect your little one. We were gifted a few winter hats so we didn't have to bother getting any. You'll get a little cap at the hospital but you'll probably want something more. 
6) PANTS OR LEGGINGS: Soft ones. With or without feet. We preferred them without since Ollie was born in the summer and we could put him in a sleeper if we wanted something with feet. 

7) HOODIE: I say go for the zip-up hoodie so there's nothing extra to pull over their head. Even if your baby is coming in the summer, I recommend getting at least a light hoodie for cooler days/nights. 

8) BOOTIES: Keep those toesies warm without the pain of socks. Probably more important in the winter. I don't have either but some highly recommended ones are Zutano and Robeez

9) THE CUTE STUFF: Fun & cute pieces or outfits, of course! :) 

Our favorite stores are Gap, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, H&M and Carter's. Also get a lot of basic tees from Target. Both of the outfits above are from Carter's (pants here). Oliver was average size after about 4 months and slightly below average before that. We found that Osh Kosh, Gap and H&M run large. Gap runs VERY large. Carter's was always pretty much right on with sizing or slightly on the small side.

Also, we always shop the sales! And take advantage of the end-of-season sales to pick up some items for next season! We usually try to do this with sweaters at least since they are the most costly items.

  • Additional sizes in each item, specifically onesies and sleepers. 
That's all for now. I don't have any pointless items except to say that you don't need to go crazy. Start small. We bought what we needed, in the right sizes, as Oliver grew and the seasons changed. 

Enjoy the fun of dressing up your little! 

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