Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cara Box Reveal! {February}

Let's talk about Cara (pronounced car-rah) Box. It's. awesome. Around the end of January I was browsing through Glam Hungry Mom's blog and came across her post on a Cara Box that she received from a fellow blogging friend. A gift in the mail? Who doesn't love gifts in the mail!? So I hopped on over to Wifessionals to check out what this was all about. Each month you sign up to participate and get paired with two others ladies - one to send your gift to and one to receive your gift from.

I love giving gifts. I love getting gifts. Sign me up!
Go on. Go check it out (if you haven't left me already out of excitement for such wonderfulness!).
Sign up for March's swap here! (Not sure when sign-ups close so get on it!)

So February I sent my gift to Andrea over at Glam Hungry Mom. Wait? What? That's how I found out about Cara Box in the first place! Loved that! And I received my gift from Shelly over at Our Motto is Patience.

I had a fun time putting together Andrea's box and you can check it out over at her blog!

Ok. So my fabulous Cara Box from Shelly!
btw. Shelly's last name is "Motto," hence her blog name, "Our Motto is Patience." Love it.
She made me feel poopy for not wrapping my Cara Box up all cute with ribbons and such. I just put it in the box. Poo. Next time!
So here's what' inside the cute wrapping.

Yummy hot chocolates - Salted Caramel, she must know my heart, and Mexican Cocoa, which Fab will love. He doesn't like Salted Caramel. I mean, really? Crazy hubs.

And some delicious "Cupid Crunch" caramel corn with chocolate. I may have opened that immediately and had a few pieces.

And some glass mugs, which Fab already broke in.

And a cute book that Fab and I can fill out called "what I love about you." Technically it's meant for one of to fill out and give to the other but we'll probably do it together. Love it!

Thank you so much, Shelly!

We haven't had our at home date night yet. Thought about doing it last night but we ended up going out to eat at a local place, Italian Express Pizzeria, simply because we didn't want leftovers and I didn't have any plans for dinner.
If you live near East Boston... Italian Express Pizzeria is super yummy Delish pizzas. Delish meatballs. Delish pasta dishes. It's very small but also very friendly - the owner is out chatting with you and meeting all the patrons... asking them where they live, what they may be in town for, chatting with the regulars. Awesome sauce. The sign above the door says something like "Come a stranger, leave a friend." Yup.

xo - Kem


  1. Cupid's Crunch Popcorn? How fitting is that?! I love how you were paired with the person who taught you about the swap! Fun! What a great box too. :)


  2. love the Cara Box concept!

  3. Falen - I know! How funny is that? I went to her blog and thought, "this looks familiar" and then while scrolling through posts I realized it. My box was great!

  4. Njeri - it's wonderful! so fun getting a gift in the mail. It's like Birchbox but even better b/c you aren't paying for it... well, you are b/c you send someone else a gift but ya get it. :) ha Miss you, beautiful!