Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family, Friends & Salad

Hiatus much, Kem? yeahhhh.

I'm terrible at this blogging consistently thing. Gotta figure out how to make myself better. One post a week, at least... that's not hard... yeah, that's not hard.


Today is my mama's birthday! The hubs and I went to PA this weekend to visit my family and our friends. It was much needed. All pictures from family time are on my parents camera. :-/ Hm.

+ we got to rent a Prius Hybrid... that was fun. I get so excited renting cars... weird? Am I the only one? Driving new cars is fun! Free upgrade, thank you Alamo Insiders Club. + with Alamo Insiders your spouse can be added as an extra driver for FREE. Which is the only reason we are Alamo Insiders members in the first place.

My littlest brother is graduating high school in June! WOAH. He had his senior pictures at home when we visited. What a cutie. And look at how much older he looks in not even two years!? Maybe it's just the long hair and facial hair. ha The picture on the left is from our wedding not even two years ago. He was forced to cut his hair. ha

I love him.
Littlest Broseph.
We had a hang out night with about 15 to 20 of our friends on Saturday night. So good. Nice to be with people who just know you. Know what I mean? I miss it. I miss them. But I am happy to get the opportunity to form even more of those relationships here in Boston... eventually. Making friends, those friends who just know you is GREAT but hard. Know what I mean? Sure makes me appreciate and enjoy every second of being with them when I get to though. :)

Shout out to Girls Weekend in Florida in May! Pumped.
These are my best friends. BFF's. My "MOD's," that'd be "Maids of Dishonor," as they like to call themselves. What would life be like without these ladies? Stupid. It'd be stupid.

Just look at these amazing people?
Pajama & Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) Birthday Surprise Birthday Party
Youth Ministry. So many reasons to act ridiculously silly. Nerd Night at the Skate Rink.
Our Wedding. Some serious dancing going on at the end of the night. Love.
They are fun peoples.

Then Sunday I had some Girls Only time at California Pizza Kitchen after church. Favorites. Aren't they pretty? Yup. Pretty friends.

If you've never been there and had the Five Cheese & Tomato Pizza you should go do that very soon. + the Thai Chicken Salad. Our go to. Linds and I always split the half salad + the pizza. I know the pizza sounds boring but I swear to you it's not. Do it.
For mama's birthday I made lunch - requested was a "Father's Day Chicken," a salad and bread. What mama wants, mama gets. Plus a cake. Strawberry Shortcake Cake... from the store though. I cheated. But that's what ya gotta do when you're traveling six hours and just don't have time to make the cake. It was a good one though. + I got fresh strawberries, too.... semi-homemade? ha Not quite.

What is "Father's Day Chicken," you ask? Well, that's the super delicious chicken that I made for Father's Day last year. It was actually a steak marinade that I used on the chicken AND the steak but it was delish on both. (Steak for the Father's and chicken for the rest of us!)

I also made a pretty bangin' salad. Spring Mix + a little Romaine (cause I prefer it to Spring Mix) + Roasted Red Bell Peppers + Goat Cheese + Brown Sugared Roasted Walnuts + Croutons + Cranberry-ish Vinaigrette. 

Cranberry-ish Vinaigrette = I would have used Raspberry Vinaigrette but mama made up a mixture of some leftover dressings + cranberries + strawberries earlier that week and so we used that. It was pretty delish. 
My leftover chicken & salad fixings Salad for din tonight. + my Kindle reading since I was all by my lonesome.
Tonight I had leftover chicken + salad fixings for dinner since hubs is at a Celtics game that he got invited to last minute with some work friends. (yayyy!) Fab doesn't share my super love for salads so I don't force them on him too much. Plus, I gotta use all this spring mix! Note to self: get the small container next time - it expands!

You should probably go make this salad right now. You'll thank me. Goat cheese + roasted red peppers + roasted sweet walnuts = ..... the most awesomest, yummiest, delicious word ever. It's a party in your mouth. Wish goat cheese wasn't so dang expensive. 
Enjoy dearies. I promise to post more regularly.

Hopefully I didn't bore you too much with my topic-jumping, friends-praising rambling ways on this post. 


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