Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pumpkin Bread ...from Maine?

I wanted something sweet. As usual. I had a can of pumpkin that needed used up so pumpkin bread it was... although I kind of wish I'd make pumpkin whoopie pies instead or a pumpkin roll BUT didn't feel like trekking to the grocery store for cream cheese in the freeeezing cold that suddenly decided to plop down on us. So bread it was.

Pinterest led me to Chelsea Bakes and her Spiced Pumpkin Bread with some yummy cream cheese icing. I decided to go with a different recipe, however... I don't actually remember why but I did. Maybe because I'm obsessed with reviews and changing things by what the reviews say...? Eh.

Apparently there's a special Maine pumpkin bread way... I was not aware of this. Looks like regular ol' pumpkin bread to me.
haha Like how one of my tabs is "Capture a Screen Shot?" I don't know how to do these things on the Mac yet. 

I ended up using a variation of this Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread over at allrecipes.

This. batter. is. UH-MAZING. I'm a batter eater, it's true and this stuff was ridiculous tasty.  Thankfully  Unfortunately, my hubs does not enjoy batter so I'm left with it all. 
This is super easy, too. That's what I love about breads. Put in bowl, stir. Done. No special stuff needed.  So just mix together the pumpkin, eggs, sugars, oil & butter. Whisk together the flour, baking soda, salt & spices. Then mix the dry and wet together. Done.

For the cream cheese icing you just blend the cream cheese & powdered sugar together with an electric mixer then add in the vanilla and milk until it's the desired consistency. Supposedly it should be tangy and just thin enough to drizzle but not runny. But you can make yours as thick or runny or sweet or tangy as you want it. :)
Enjoy with cup of tea or coffee and be happy.

Lately, I am loving some black tea with some vanilla soy milk and a little bit of sugar. Mmmmm.

xo- Kem

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  1. yummy! I want to eat all the things you make. you should have special boxes, after each meal you pack up a little for me and send it on it's merry way!!